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Man Gets 25 Years for Grocery Store Robberies

Man Gets 25 Years for Grocery Store Robberies
On November 14, 2012, the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Missouri announced that Javon Turner of Kansas City was sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole.  He was also ordered to pay $111,188 in restitution after his sentence was handed down by U.S. District Judge Gary A. Fenner.
Turner pleaded guilty on February 14, 2012.  He admitted to using a firearm to further the robbery of the Cosentino’s Apple Market on 7506 Raytown Road in Raytown on October 3, 2010.  He brandished a .410 shotgun as he helped Jeremiah Kraushaar, the co-defendant, rob the grocery store.  Turner pointed the gun at an employee as Kraushaar took money from the store’s safe.
Kraushaar received 16 years in federal prison without parole after a series of grocery store robberies committed with Turner.  The four other grocery stores are listed below:
•    Thriftway Store on 1616 E. 63rd St in Kansas City, Missouri on September 13, 2010
•    Hy-Vee Store on 1104 S. 25th St in Bethany, Missouri on October 14, 2010
•    Patricia’s Food Store on 1212 W. 40 Hwy in Odessa, Missouri on October 22, 2010
•    Apple Market Grocery Store on 1215 E. Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd in Kansas City, Missouri on November 2, 2010
Employees were held at gunpoint during all of the robberies, and their hands were tied with plastic zip-ties.  The men were eventually caught after multiple law enforcement agencies identified similarities between the crimes.  For example, authorities determined that the two men entered the stores in the early morning, restrained the employees with zip-ties, and used cell phones and walkie-talkies during the robberies.
Law enforcement released surveillance video footage on October 3, 2010, and an anonymous tip was eventually submitted.  Both of the defendants were arrested after a high-speed chase on December 19, 2010.
Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation